Benefits of AP Classes and Tests


Sign up for Scholarships

Most Scholarship websites work about the same. Check out the following websites to see which one you like best. Pick ONE of these sites to use for your scholarship searches. Do not make it more complicated if you don’t have to- they all have the same national scholarships! 🙂

Cappex (Also has a college search function)

Fastweb  (Keep in mind: Fastweb sends emails to remind you of scholarships. If you don’t like email reminders this site may not be the best pick for you.)

Unigo (Also has a college search function)

ALL Students Should make an account on this site. Very Unique! Check it out for yourself!  !!

On students, as early as 9th grade, are able to earn scholarship money from 140 partner colleges for academic and extracurricular achievements before they apply.  These bite-sized scholarships are called micro-scholarships and they add up quick!

When students add achievements to their Portfolio on, they earn Micro-Scholarships from the partner colleges that they are following.  These achievements include good grades, participating in clubs, playing on a sports team, volunteering,visiting a college campus, and much more. Students can also include AP or IB courses, honors classes, and college-level courses.